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The UX Jobs Scene in Berlin

Berlin is a recent addition to the list of cities that are known for their tech-savvy industries. As more renowned companies flock to the German city and new, up-and-coming startups begin to emerge, the UX community (and the resources that the city has to offer to it) is expanding exponentially. For UX professionals in Berlin, these resources are easy to find and utilize, if you’re looking in the right places.

With branches of big-name corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, Berlin’s Silicon Allee is the center of Germany’s tech industry. As it continues to grow with the additions of other well-known companies and hot startups, others claim that it will soon surpass London’s Silicon Roundabout as the tech hub of the entire European continent. Because of its accelerated growth and promising future, Silicon Allee is the place to be for UX professionals in Germany and across much of Europe.

The location also attracts several big-name conferences throughout the year. The MOBX Conference—Europe’s Premier Mobile UX Summit—is held each and every fall and focuses almost exclusively on the mobile aspect of UX. With several renowned speakers throughout the day and an array of activities offered prior to its conclusion (including a movie, dinner, and a lounge party), the one-day event is highly anticipated by Berlin designers. UXcamp Europe is also held annually in the great city of Berlin. Attracting roughly 500 professionals each year, the conference is composed of short sessions. Ranging from workshops to case studies and discussions to lectures, these sessions cover a wide variety of topics within the UX field. Also hosted in Berlin, WebVisions provides the city with “awesome speakers” and “dangerous ideas,” encouraging the growth of the UX industry. These conventions offer an array of opportunities to their attendees, and UX professionals from across the globe often flock to reap the benefits.

UX Berlin is the city’s largest association, offering counselling and resources to their members and partners. In addition to providing continuous news updates and articles regarding the tech industry, UX Berlin also hosts a variety of workshops and allows its users access to various publications. The German UPA is also a popular organisation amongst UX practitioners. Striving to transfer knowledge and ideas to other affiliates and UX professionals, the association also provides interactive activities and events for its members.

In typical German fashion, one of the most city’s most popular UX-oriented groups meets up to enjoy drinks in each other’s company. Berlin UX Happy Hour hosts events every month that involve delicious beer and worthy companions. Additionally, groups like Berlin User Experience Designers and Up.front regularly assemble to discuss design while others (including UX Designers HQ) focus more on the networking and career advancement aspects.

Overall, Berlin is continuously growing in terms of technology and reach, and its UX sector is booming. So whether you’ve been a UX professional in the area for years or you’re new to the scene, take advantage of all of the opportunities and resources that are popping up in the city as a result of its expansion.

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